Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can or can not do. Give it a go and you might just surprise everyone – especially yourself!

We only bloody made it.

On the day we set off to run 209 miles across Iceland we had a chat about the weather and talked about the very probably chance none of us would make it. Numerous chats leading up to this day I had discussed the chance our physicality might give in and we might have to give up even if the weather was OK (after all only half of us had run a marathon ever, we had 9 in 9 days).

We had grazed knees, the fattest cankles, lumpy shins, tears galore, we had snow, ice, mountains, sand storms, rain, destructive winds (both types). We crossed deep rivers, mountain passes, silver grey plateaus, and green pastures. We ate ration packs whilst dreaming of pizza. We danced, sang, raved and repeated Whilst people spent days looking for and failing to see the northern lights – we got sick of them we saw them that often. We also saw a bird.

We got to see each other poop, heard stories from the heart, shared our pains and successes, 2 of us got engaged, hugged each other at every land mark, and talked about our dreams and new beginnings.

Together we showed ourselves, each other, and anyone else listening that humans are infinitely more powerful than we ever give ourselves credit.